Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Enrolment

all enrolments are subject to these Terms and Conditions, which are legally binding on confirmation and student acceptance by Bournemouth City College (BCC). The student must follow and complete the course of study at BCC and declares to accept all current UK laws and return to their native country at the end of their studies.


is the process of enrolling a student onto language course at BCC. By signing this Terms and Conditions of Enrolment form, the student confirms that he/she understands the BCC terms and conditions and he/she is happy to proceed with application. Enrolment is fully confirmed when the administration fee of £100 is received by BCC. This is a non-refundable fee. BCC reserves the right to withhold confirmation of enrolment for students if false information has been provided by the student.


for any purchase of a language course with BCC, a deposit of 50% is required to be paid 8 weeks before arrival. The outstanding payment of 50% of the course fees will be required to be settled no later than 4 weeks before arrival. If there are 28 days of fewer before your course starts, you must pay the full amount when you enrol. The student is fully enrolled, once the final payment is made. BCC has the right to cancel the course, accommodation and all other services if this payment condition is not met. Payment for transfer from a UK airport is required to be paid 4 weeks in advance. Any refunds will be at the discretion of, and approved by the Managing Director and the refund method will be mutually agreed with the student.

The fees for language courses and additional facilities offered by BCC are valid from 1st January to 31st December each year and are reviewed yearly. Course fees are calculated in complete weeks and any partial week is counted as a full week. BCC will not compensate any fees in situations if:

  • Services pre-booked and arranged in the application form are not used,
  • Late entry to the course or periods of absence without any notification and explanation from the student
  • Days when the school is closed due to public or official holidays
  • Student decides to leave the course early
  • Student is dismissed for misconduct or inappropriate behaviour before or during the course period

Course payment

can be made by different methods: bank transfer, by UK cheque payable to Bournemouth City College Ltd., cash (at the office of BCC), debit or credit card:

Bank details for transfers are as follows:

Bournemouth City College Ltd.


Account number:   92093111

Sort code:  40-13-07

IBAN:  GB69HBUK40130792093111

Swift code: HBUKGB4102T

Language course

BCC is committed to providing you with quality English courses, full attention to individual student’s needs, interaction during the lesson and an effective teaching approach. Your course will finish as requested in your application form. BCC will issue each student an end of course report (on request), together with a certificate of attendance. Courses are not transferable to other people. Student has the right to change the course. All course changes must be in writing and posted or emailed to the BCC office. The notification period for change of the course is 2 weeks in advance. No refund will be made back to the student, if there is credit available due to this change, credit could be used for any course extension or purchase of a new course within a 12 month period.


if you want to cancel your course, the cancellation notification needs to be in writing and sent by post or email to info@bournemouthcitycollege.com at least 4 weeks prior to arrival date. Tuition fees will be refunded at the Managing Director’s discretion. No refund will be issued if the cancellation is made less than 4 weeks before student arrival. Should the application for a visa be refused, BCC will refund any tuition fees paid in advance less an administration fee of £100, subject to you sending us a copy of the refusal letter before the start date of the language course.

Cancellation policy:

any additional fees for services such as postage are not refundable.

  • No refund: BCC will not refund the course fee, if cancellation is made less than 4 weeks before arrival
  • 50% refund: BCC will refund 50% of the deposit payment if cancellation is made in period between 8th to 5th weeks
  • Full refund: BCC will refund the full amount of the deposit if the cancellation is made more than 8 weeks prior to arrival. In case the first deposit payment is made more than 8 weeks prior to arrival


you will be expelled (asked to leave the school) for these reasons: poor attendance (80% or less), poor behaviour (bullying, harassment, bad behaviour), stealing or damaging the name and BCC reputation. In the case of expulsion from school no refund will be given and no certificate will be issued to the student.


is provided in the BCC Residences. The Accommodation fee is calculated per week and partially used weeks will be charged as a full week. Any request to change or cancel the accommodation must be in writing, posted or emailed to the BCC at least 2 weeks before requested change or cancellation. A Fee of £30.00 will be charged for each request to change accommodation. In special circumstances, a refund for accommodation will be agreed by the Managing Director. BCC is not liable for any loss or damage or personal belongings at the BCC Residences and students are strongly advised to arrange personal contents insurance for this reason. Any damage to BCC property, whether intentional or not, must be paid by student in full.

Liability and Insurance

BCC will not take any responsibility for courses, which are not running due to public disturbance, industrial action, natural disasters or epidemics. Each student is advised to arrange private insurance to cover medical and health problems or damage or loss of private possessions. Should student have a specific health issue, they should inform the BCC at the time of enrolment and clearly state in application form.


if you have any problems with your course, accommodation or a member of staff or student, you should always talk to your classroom teacher or another member of the BCC Staff. BCC will always do their best to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Data protection

BCC may ask for your personal data to book your course and additional services before you arrive. When you book with us, we might need to share some of your information with third parties e.g. transport companies, examination bodies or the Home office if they ask for it.