Terms & Conditions

All enrolments are subject to these Terms and Conditions, which is legally binding on confirmation and student acceptance by Bournemouth City College (BCC).

The student must follow and complete the course of study at BCC and declares to accept all current UK laws and return to the native country at the end of their studies.

BCC reserves the right to withhold confirmation of enrolment for students if false information has been provided by the student.


The fees for language courses and additional facilities offered by BCC are valid from 1st January to 31st December each year and are reviewed yearly.

Course fees are calculated on a weekly basis and any partial week is counted as a full week. BCC reserves the right to promote the courses and additional services to students using our special offers. In this circumstance, the price for courses and additional services may vary. The updated information can be found on our website www.bournemouthcitycollege.com.

 The final payment for language courses, accommodation and additional services arranged in the application form must be received in full by BCC no later than 4 weeks before course commencement.  BCC has the right to cancel the course, accommodation and all other services if this payment condition is not met.

A deposit payment of 50% of course fees and accommodation are required to be paid eight (8) weeks before arrival, based on the pro-forma invoice from BCC and individual circumstances.

The student is fully enrolled, once the final payment for the course and the additional service is made, as requested in the application form and at least four (4) weeks prior to the course start date.

Course fees should be paid by bank transfer (international transfer), cheque (needs to be payable to Bournemouth City College Ltd.) or by cash at the BCC office in Bournemouth.

Bank details for transfers are as follows:

Bournemouth City College Ltd.


Account number:   92093111

Sort code:  40-13-07

IBAN:  GB32MIDL40130792093111

Swift code: MIDLGB2102T

The bank will usually charge to make international transfers and students must be aware of the exchange rate to GBP and any additional fees charged by the bank. Students must make sure that the amount received by BCC and its conversion from the foreign currency to GBP (Pounds sterling) will cover the full amount of either the requested deposit or final payment amount.

BCC will not compensate any fees in situations if:

  • Services pre-booked and arranged in the application form are not used
  • Late entry to the course or periods of absence without any notification and explanation from the student
  • Days when the school is closed due to public holidays or official holidays
  • Student decides to leave the language course early
  • Student is dismissed for misconduct or inappropriate behavior before the course period 

All refunds will be agreed and approved by the Managing Director and the refund method will be mutually agreed with the student individually. BCC has the right to adjust the refunded amount because of changes of agreement, this will be discussed directly with the student if this situation occurs.


Cancellation of the language course is required to be in writing and posted to BCC offices by courier services or sent by e-mail to: info@bournemouthcitycollege.com at least 4 weeks prior to arrival date. Notification must be received 4 weeks or more in advance, otherwise no refund will apply. BCC cancellation conditions can vary due to individual circumstances.

Tuition fees will be refunded based on the discretional decision of the Managing Director, in special circumstances such as refusal of visa, sickness or family bereavement the request for cancellation must be accompanied by full documented evidence.

Should the application for visa be refused, BCC will refund full tuition fees paid in advance by you, if you send us a copy of the refusal letter at least 7 days prior to the intended start day of your course. If the refusal letter is received less than 7 days prior to the intended start day, BCC will refund full tuition fees paid in advance less an administration fee of £100.

Any additional fees for services such as postage are not refundable.

No refund:  BCC will not refund the course fee, if cancellation is made less than 4 weeks before arrival

50% refund: BCC will refund 50% of the deposit payment if cancellation is made before the 5th week prior to arrival (period between 8th -5thweeks)

Full refund: BCC will refund the full amount of the deposit if the cancellation is made more than 8 weeks prior to arrival, in case the first deposit payment is made more than 8 weeks prior to arrival


Students have the right to change the course. All course changes must be in writing and posted or emailed to the BCC office.  The notification period for change of the course to a lower level is two (2) weeks in advance and depends on course availability. If approved by the Managing Director, the change will happen on the date requested. No refund will be made back to the student, if there is credit available due to this change, credit could be used for any course extension or purchase of a new course within a twelve (12) month period. The credit is not transferable to another person or refunded as cash.


Accommodation for students is provided in the BCC residence. Fees for accommodation are calculated on a weekly basis, usually from Sundays to Saturdays. Partially used weeks will be charged as a full week.

Any requests to change the accommodation offered by BCC in the BCC residence must be made in writing, posted or emailed to the BCC office at least two (2) weeks before requested change and must be approved by the member of BCC staff responsible for accommodation of students.

BCC will charge the administrative fee of £30.00 for each request to change the accommodation, which will cover the additional costs involved with administration and selection of new accommodation for students.

Cancellation of accommodation, together with cancellation of the language course, must be completed in writing and posted or emailed to BCC offices and must be at least two (2) weeks in advance.  In special circumstances, a refund for accommodation will be agreed and approved by the Managing Director.

Accommodation fee for a week, when the student visits their home country and will return to school after his/her visit, will be charged at the normal weekly rate.

BCC is not liable for any loss or damage of personal belongings at the BCC Residence and strongly advise all students to arrange personal content insurance for this reason. Any damage to college property, whether intentional or not, must be paid by students in full.


The BCC, its staff and representatives will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or illness to person or property. Should students have specific health issues (e.g. diabetes, allergies, any form of disability or physical impairment) they should inform the BCC at the time of enrolment or clearly state in the application form. BCC will try to accommodate all suitable arrangements for student safety and wellbeing.

Students are strongly advised to take out comprehensive insurance to cover medical, travel, or any other potential circumstances which may occur prior to their arrival in the UK.

British Health and safety Legislation require the BCC to be fully insured in the event of public liability issues on or (where appropriate) off its premises.

BCC is not liable for loss of tuition due to public disturbances, industrial action or other factors outside its control.


In the UK there are eight (8) bank holidays per year. Schedule of the public and bank holidays is available on our website and students will be notified.

School will be closed on Public or Bank Holidays. BCC will not refund any fees on such occasion, if public or bank holidays will be included in the school week.


BCC reserves the right to withdraw a student application form for the language course if incorrect information is provided by students or students provide false and misleading information in the application form.


BCC will use your personal information obtained during the enrolment process only with third parties, which are directly involved in the enrolment process and arrangement of services for students.

BCC will not share your information with third parties unless permission is obtained to do so.