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Why choose Bournemouth for English Course?

Bournemouth is an elegant town by the sea, situated on the south coast of England, approximately 2.5 hours from London. It is very popular seaside resort with 7 miles of golden beach and beautiful award-winning gardens and parks.

Bournemouth is not only a thriving and popular holiday resort, but it is also the headquarters of several large companies, has its own university and college and an attractive shopping centre.

You can find many restaurants here with unique international cuisines or pubs with live music. Bournemouth has its own “Bournemouth International Centre” where you can see many shows, concerts or visit exhibitions.

Bournemouth has plenty of sports and leisure activities, cycling routes, golf playgrounds, swimming or tennis centres and our own surf school.
Primarily, Bournemouth is a multicultural town with lots of language schools, student clubs and international students from different countries from all over the world. It is the perfect opportunity for you to meet new friends and learn new cultures.

Meet our
Managing Director

BCC was founded by Basher Bengared in July 2007, with the aim of providing quality English language tuition and accommodation facilities to international students.

Since then, BCC has established a highly successful reputation for teaching the English language and preparing highly skilled people to enter the modern world.

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Adrianna Lee

Student, Bournemouth City College

You literally have the best of everything here, from all the teachers to all facilities. The friendly and ever-ready to help teachers are always there for you and the friendly non-teaching staff will never let you down.

Gary French

Student, Bournemouth City College

I am extremely thankful to BCC for providing me with all the resources needed for learning English and my growth, whether it’s the books and online material, conducted workshops, training and development programs.

Erik Young

Student, Bournemouth City College

The courses at BCC exceeded my expectations in many ways, especially with the depth of information supplied. In a very friendly environment, I improved my English language knowledge that I can use immediately.